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i-mode Emulator

x-9 i-mode-emulator
A little bit slow and difficult to use but still a perfect i-mode-emulator. Displays the emoji-icons, the size of the pictures and the size of the ihtml page.
Site: www.x-9.com/mimic

Xonio I-Mode-Emulator
Displays some fake emojis. Still enough to have a quick look on i-mode and get a look and feel. Downside: you cann not enter your own URLs Site: www.xonio.com/features...

WAPAG.com Emulator
Nice emulator in a popup. Displays emojis and make a fast and easy testing possible. Also different skins of handsets. Also used by imodecentral.
May not work if your sitting behind a firewall in a office.
Site: www.wapag.com/en/index.html