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NTT DoCoMo new spam filter

NTT DoCoMo announced an additional anti-spam measure that will enable DoCoMo i-modeŽ mobile phone (including FOMAŽ phone) users to block all e-mails from user-selected domains of other cellular or PHS companies beginning December 25, 2003.

DoCoMo users can already block all e-mails with internet addresses and domains, a feature popular with users seeking to avoid receiving internet spam on a non-mobile phone basis. DoCoMo has also taken aggressive countermeasures against spam mail sent from its i-mode network, such as limiting the amount of e-mails sent daily from a single i-mode account and suspending or rescinding the contracts of DoCoMo handsets registered to known spammers. The additional measure is expected to further decrease the number of spam mails.

With the new feature, users will simply go to the "i-Menu" official i-mode portal site to select which cellular/PHS domains to block. The default setting will be to accept e-mails from cellular/PHS domains. No packet transmission charge will be required to change the settings.

DoCoMo will continue aggressively protecting its users from spamming to ensure the convenience and usefulness of its mobile internet services.