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i-mode Tools

Tools and documantations for i-mode developers.

ihtml_manual.pdf (342 Kb)
iHTML Manual contains all the iHTML commands and tags to build your own i-mode homepage.

Some i-mode handsets have a set of 256 limited colors. We provide you the photoshop pallet or the PDF document.

imode-colors.act (1 Kb)
i-mode color pallet for photoshop.

imode-colors.pdf (38 Kb)
i-mode pallet as PDF document.

n21palette.gif (75 Kb)
n21i handset color pallet as Gif File

To track the hist an the traffic on your i-mode site you should use a professional tracking tool such as eTracker.de.

Screen ruler Demo Digital ruler to check the width of your pages.
Betriebssystem: Win NT | Win 98 | Win 95 | Mac
Homepage: microfox.com

CardONE i-mode
The world's first WYSIWYG i-mode Editor